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Full-Service Management that Works: Iowa One Call

Customer Need

The Iowa One Call center had used a full-service vendor to manage its one call center operations for more than 10 years. When that vendor declared bankruptcy, abruptly shutting its doors, Iowa One Call was left to pick up the pieces, absorbing all the payroll, benefits, telecommunications services and other operational duties in-house. Faced with this unexpected turn of events, the Iowa One Call board had to decide whether to keep operating the one call center in-house, or to outsource its operations once again — and thus put themselves at risk once again with a vendor that might be unreliable.

In fall 2010, Iowa One Call issued two Requests for Proposal (RFPs): one for a full-service one call provider, and one for a vendor who could provide complete hardware and software necessary for the board to bring operations in-house.

One Call Concepts Solutions

One Call Concepts responded to both RFPs from Iowa One Call — we believed we could help the one call center in both of the scenarios they were considering. Ultimately, the board chose One Call Concepts as their full-service one call center provider.

One Call Concepts worked collaboratively with the Iowa One Call administrative staff and members of its "State of the Art Committee" to work out the complex details of conversion, demonstrating a commitment to a long-term relationship and to rolling up our sleeves to help them achieve better results. One Call Concepts also worked to bring Iowa One Call up on ITIC, the web-based ticketing system, which provides financial credits for Iowa One Call every time an excavator submits a dig request online. The Iowa One Call board responded enthusiastically to this additional discount.

Customer Results

"When we evaluated One Call Concepts during the RFP process, we were impressed with the company’s longevity, the fact that they were up to speed on technology, and the results of the work they were doing based on our discussions with other states," says Dan Klopfer, president of Iowa One Call. "But one of the most impressive things was that they are a conscientious, trustworthy company. We knew that they would do everything with honesty and integrity. And they really showed that they wanted to work with us."

One Call Concepts has been able to demonstrate value quickly for Iowa One Call. At one of the first board meetings after the conversion, the board was able to say without hesitation that they were "already beyond where we were with the other vendor."

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