Online Bill Pay

One Call Concepts is now pleased to offer payment options ONLINE through our new 'Bill Pay' process. 

We've teamed up with another leader OFFICIAL PAYMENTS to make a simple and hassle-free way of making your payment ONLINE instead of sending it through the mail.  Simply select the Call Center/State you'd like to make your payment for and follow the simple instructions through the process.


Once you go to the 'Bill Pay' page, there are 2 ways you can make a payment after you select your 'payee' : E Check or Credit Card.

• E check is a fixed fee of $2.95.

• The fee for a credit card payment is 2.85% of the amount.

So, depending on the amount of the transaction you can select the option that works best for you and your company/organization.  Please have your invoice number handy - you will need an invoice # to complete a transaction.  You can complete up to 7 transactions at once.

Click HERE to jump to the 'Bill Pay' page.