As a full-service contract provider for the damage prevention industry, One Call Concepts, Inc. (OCC) offers end-to-end solutions for contact center management – including customizable and innovative software. For 40 years, we’ve partnered with contact centers across the nation to meet their unique needs and support their efforts in reducing the risk of damage to underground facilities.

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About Us

Four Decades of Proven Experience

Since being founded in 1982, One Call Concepts has been a part of:

We remain at the forefront of that evolution by working in partnership with our clients and continuously adapting our full-service solutions to meet changing industry needs.

OCC Original Staff


End-to-End Contact Center Management

OCC has streamlined and improved the one call system with our suite of damage prevention products at the core, including:

  • Web-, app-, and phone-based ticket intake solutions with advanced features that make every aspect of the intake process easier
  • A robust mapping database that eliminates the need to obtain map data from commercial service providers and supports virtually unlimited data overlays
  • Ticket management tools with options that have been designed specifically for excavators, locators and administrators

Our flexible, user-focused approach provides tailored solutions for everyone involved in utility damage prevention.


Strategic Solutions Designed for Your Needs

In this industry, continually building trust and confidence in your brand is vital. Every interaction with your audiences is an opportunity to build awareness and strengthen those feelings. Our team of creative marketing professionals is ready to help your brand make a bigger impact.

Bill pay

Payments Made Quick & Easy

Save time with online bill pay! Our portal offers a simple and convenient way to pay your bill using just an invoice number. Pay up to seven invoices at a time with an eCheck or credit card.

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